The biggest election at UCL ever, with more students voting than at any other UK University this year. The Leadership Race was record-breaking and we can now introduce you to the new team of Sabbatical Officers who will lead the Union from July 2021. Ilyas, Ayman and Yasmeen were all re-elected and they'll be joined by Viktoria, Osman and Arifa. Scroll down to see their profiles and manifestos. During the Leadership Race students also elected the Part-time Officers who'll be representing them next year and the 1,000s of club and society committee members. 

The stats 

9,473 students voted - the most ever at UCL and up by 73% on last year. The previous record voting number was 2018's 6,763.

19.58% of all UCL students voted, a 53% increase on last year. A third of all Undergraduates voted and 18.5% of all postgraduates voted. 

Turnout in the Medical School was a huge 44.3%. 

Our turnout percentage was higher than Durham, Leeds, Oxford, Manchester and York. But as far as the total voters statistic is concerned, we're way out ahead with our closest competitor, Manchester, recording 6,573 voters. 

Want to see just how big this election was? Have a look at the voter dashboard.

The huge increase in voter numbers is a testament to the hard work of student representatives and leaders of clubs and societies this year. They've worked tirelessly to help make this academic year a success, and students have backed them with their votes. 

The new Sabbatical Officer Team

The new Sabbatical Officer team are looking forward to continuing the close working relationship with staff across UCL, introducing...

Part Time Officers

You also elected this year's Part Time Officers, who handle a variety of portfolios. Check out the links below to see details on the elections and the successful candidates.

LGBQ+ Officer

Mature and Part Time Students' Officer