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Keep Active Volunteer

As a Keep Active Volunteer we ask you to visit an older person (the average age is 84) once a week for nine weeks to help them with improving mobility indoors with exercises, or outdoors with walks in their community. You benefit from training provided by the NHS Community Independence Team as well as Bishop Creighton House.

Your visits can make a big difference to someone’s life and volunteering can be a very rewarding experience. It is also really good experience if you are looking to work in a healthcare role.

We are looking for people who:

Media Officer


Media Officers will join the Media Team and contribute to the drafting of the posts on different Social Media Platforms, the photographing, recording and editing of videos during the DIY workshops (funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering) as well as different festivals.

No strong experience required in this field, motivation and willingness to learn are key.

Opportunity: Reception Volunteer

To help in our busy reception area in our main office.

Mental Health Champions

The Manor Gardens Welfare Trust was founded in 1913. Our services are dedicated to promoting good mental health, physical health and wellbeing across Islington.

The Wellbeing Service @ Manor Gardens is currently looking to recruit new Mental Health Champion Volunteers.

Mental Health Champions are a community of individuals actively starting conversations around mental health.

This can be done through putting on events, attending meetings and starting conversations with their colleagues and friends to reduce the stigma around mental health.

Night Hub Volunteer

Do you want to gain experience working with vulnerable people, while having a great night out? The Night Hub will help anyone vulnerable or distressed on Friday or Saturday night in the West End. As a volunteer, you could be helping people get home safely or reunite with friends, helping them report crime or get medical help, or providing emotional support. Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, and gain experience that could help toward a career in psychology, social work or emergency services.

Opportunity: Public Programmes & Tour Guide Volunteer

> Provide a welcoming environment and rewarding learning experience to museum visitors through guided tours and customer support at talks, events and workshops for adults
> Help visitors gain a deeper level of understanding about the themes and issues explored in the Museum*s galleries and public programmes
> To offer volunteers a unique opportunity to play a key role while gaining experience working with a national museum collection of historic importance

Volunteer Welcome Guide

Do you have a passion for history?

Virtually unchanged for 400 years, Ham House is internationally recognised for its collection of textiles, furniture and art which have remained in the house since the 17th century.

Our Welcome Guides offer a high standard of customer service to our visitors. They’ll inform visitors of daily events and sell guidebooks.

Volunteer tutor


Volunteer with Action Tutoring to support disadvantaged young people to achieve. We partner our brilliant volunteer tutors with school pupils to increase their subject knowledge, whilst building on their confidence and study skills. Education in this country isn’t fair and we believe tutoring should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford it.


Pay it forward! Your university has opened many doors for you, now help open the door for others and become a mentor for an applicant who is applying for university. As a mentor, you’ll provide your mentees with encouragement, application feedback and advice for an hour a month throughout the application process. It’s a minimal time commitment that can make a real impact on someone’s future – we think that’s worth doing!

Volunteer Tour Guide

Do you have a passion for history and a love of sharing stories with others’ Does the idea of bringing 500 years of history to life sound like your sort of pastime? In that case, come and explore a rare piece of Hackney heritage - join us and become one of Sutton House’s tour guide volunteers.

Opportunity: Group Leader

Free to Be Kids runs crucial respite breaks for inner-city London’s most disadvantaged children. Our breaks offer the opportunity for children to have fun, try new things, build their confidence and feel brave. The holidays are packed with nature and animal focused activities like kayaking down a river or den building in the forest. Without our breaks, many of these children wouldn’t have a holiday and many have never seen the sea, been to a farm or had a bedtime story. These experiences stick in the children’s minds for years afterwards and begin to help them see the world, and their place within it.

Opportunity: Helpline Volunteer

As an on-site Helpline Volunteer at The Mix you’ll support vulnerable young people and be the missing link between their issues and the vital help that they need.
You can help young people by connecting them with an advice service, support group or sometimes even a bed for the night