Students' Union UCL works to ensure that students are represented across all levels of decision making at UCL. There are more than 2,000 student representatives at UCL including Academic Reps, Student Officers, Sabbatical Officers, Student Trustees, Hall Reps and Activities Reps. Find out more information about your elected leaders.

The positions below will be elected in Autumn 2022. Information about these elections will be available in due course.

If you have any questions about the Autumn Elections, please contact us at [email protected]


These elections are for a range of positions which affect your education, extracurricular activity and day-to-day life at UCL; more information on these can be found below.

Faculty Representatives: There is one Faculty Rep per Faculty at each level (Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research) who represent students across their Faculty.

Hall Representatives: If you live in a UCL Hall, you may wish to represent your neighbours and peers within your Hall.

Activities Representatives: Societies Reps and Sports Reps ensure that our Clubs and Societies members have their voices heard.

Student Trustees: The Board of Trustees is the highest level of the governance structure in Students' Union UCL. Trustees oversee the financial and legal decision-making within the organisation.

Club and Society Welfare Representatives: These Reps are in charge of safeguarding student welfare within their respective clubs/societies.

Volunteering Representatives: In charge of representing students undertaking voluntary work through the Union.

And keep an eye out for information from your department staff on becoming a Course/Department Rep if you want to get more involved in decisions which affect your academic cohort!

Student Officers

We will also be holding special elections for the following Student Officer positions left vacant in the 2022 Spring Elections:

Arts Officer: They oversee thriving, talented and dedicated arts societies and develops opportunities for students to get involved in the arts at UCL. In addition, they develop the Arts community within the Union and make sure that Arts societies are as inclusive and engaging as possible.

Research Students' Officer: The Research Students' Officer will lead the development of an engaging, dynamic and rewarding community of research students within the Union and represent the needs and interests of research students.

Social Class & Mobility Officer: New for 2022-23, they will work closely with societies related to social mobility and supporting students from a low socioeconomic background. Represent the collective interests and needs of these students to decision-making bodies within the Union. 

UCL East Student Officer: New for 2022-23, they will lead on supporting and representing the views of UCL East students.

Volunteering Officer: New for 2022-23, they will will lead on supporting and championing volunteering initiatives and events as well as providing a link between clubs, societies and the Volunteering Service.

 UCL and Students' Union Board of Trustee Elections

UCL Committees: Several central UCL committees have a number of student representatives on them alongside your Sabbatical Officers. If you want to be involved in decision-making at an institutional level

Committees of the Board of Trustee: The Students' Union Board has a number of Committees, all with student representatives on them. 

NUS Delegate Elections

NUS Delegates: Each year, students are elected to represent the student body at NUS Conference where more than 600 UK institutions meet to discuss important issues.

Sabbatical Officers: Our Sabbatical Officers work full-time and either take a year out of their studies or take on the role when they graduate. They represent all students at UCL on an institutional level.

Student Officers: Our part-time Student Officers represent specific student groups and interests across UCL. 

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