Captains Teams are expected to make their own travel arrangements to all home and away fixtures, however, the Sports Administrator will be on hand to help.
We need all clubs to complete an Activity Registration form when competing at BUCS event.
There are two methods for sourcing training facilities: You can either find a suitable facility yourself, paying for it from your Club account, or you can apply to use Student's Union UCL spor
Please note: Only Presidents should submit entries into BUCS Individual Championship events. Step 1 At the beginning of the year take a look on the
How To Order Kit and Merchandise – Clubs The Union has specific processes that need to be followed when ordering kit and merchandise.
All club members and coaches need to be insured to take part in any club activity whether it is training, fixtures or anything in between.
For all BUCS and LUSL fixtures where an official is required, the team captain must pay them on the day of the fixture. You can reclaim this money from the Union.
Step 1: Getting your captain access Only the presidents, treasurers and captains will have the website access to create travel reclaim fixtures.
BUCS & LUSL teams and leagues If you'd like to increase (or reduce) your number of BUCS/LUSL teams: Step 1: Communicate with your Sports Development
Here are a few useful links when looking for external funding for your club: