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For all BUCS and LUSL fixtures where an official is required, the team captain must pay them on the day of the fixture. You can reclaim this money from the Union.

For non BUCS/LUSL fixtures the funding for officials should come from your club's Grant Account (if you have been allocated funds for this purpose) or Non Grant account.


Step 1

Download a referee receipt form and take it to the match with you. 

The team captain should sign and date it and then ask the referee to do the same once they have been paid (please make sure the captain and referee print there names clearly). Please ensure you write on the correct Fixture ID. 

Step 2

After the form is signed, you can start your referee reclaim through travel reclaim form on the Students' Union website.

You do this by logging into the website, selecting 'My Profile,' then 'My Data' then 'Team Fixtures' from the Activities drop down menu. Once you have created your fixture, click 'Travel expenses' in the Finance drop down menu.

Step 3

Take a picture of or scan your referee receipt. Add this to your fixture by selecting 'View' then 'Add new' then 'Upload an image or scan of your receipt.' Ensure you change the 'type of request' to referee/official.

Please note, you must upload all referee receipts separately. Each referee will only be reimbursed at the following cost:

- Basketball £30.00 (referee) or £15.00 (table official)

- Football £40.00

- Hockey £25.00

- Lacrosse £30.00

- Netball £25.00

- Rugby £25.00

- Water Polo £30.00


Step 4

You must then approve your reclaim request to send it to the Student Union for Approval. To do this, view your reclaim request and click 'Approve.' Once you have approved all of your reclaims in that fixture, click 'Lock Fixture and send to Activities.'


**Please note**

All referee receipt forms must be uploaded no later than 1 month after the fixture date. Late reclaims will not be refunded.

The person reclaiming the money (normally team captain) is individually responsible for making sure that they have completed their bank details correctly before making any claim.

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