We need all clubs to complete an Activity Registration form when competing at BUCS event. This is because these are often large scale events where students may be required to stay overnight or travel long distances. These events incur costs, many of which will be covered by us, but may also need some contribution from club accounts or students themselves. We need this documented in the Activity Registration form to ensure all costs are being covered.

Step 1: Expenditure

The main expenses that will be incurred for each event are: entry fee, travel to and from the event, accommodation for necessary overnights stay.

Entry fees

We will cover the cost of BUCS entry for all students from affiliated clubs. The cost of each entry fee can be found when entering on BUCS Play (don't worry, you won't be charged!). Please multiply the entry cost by the number of students taking part.


We will cover the cost of travel but you will need to consider the most sensible form of travel and plan how your students/club will attend this event. Please consider sustainability, cost, and efficiency when making this decision and please reach out to us ([email protected]) when you have decided the method of transport.

  • If travelling by train, simply multiply the total number of train tickets required by the cost of each one. Please ensure this cost factors in a Railcard or Group ticket discount (1/3 of the full price).
  • If travelling by coach, please let us know and we will provide you with a quote.


We will contribute £30 per person per necessary nights stay. You will need to do the initial search for suitable places to stay. Consider location (practicality of getting to the competition venue in the morning/from the venue in the evening) and cost.

Step 2: Income

In this instance 'income' just refers to how the costs will be covered. 

Entry fees

We will cover the entirety of entry fees, so please state this and make sure the 'income' entry fee amount equals the total expenditure entry fee.


Again, we will cover reasonable transport costs in their entirety so please make sure the 'income' travel amount equals the total travel expenditure.


This is where you may need to show a breakdown of costs and consider how any excess expense will be covered.

  • If accommodation totals less than or equal to £30 per person per night, then we will cover this whole expense and the 'income' accommodation amount can equal the total accommodation expenditure.
  • If accommodation totals more than £30 per person per night, then either students themselves or the club will need to contribute the remaining costs.
  1. Break the accommodation 'income' into our contribution and either students and/or club account.
  2. Total our contribution (number of students competing multiplied by £30 per necessary nights stay).
  3. Total remaining expenditure covered by club and/or students.


If students are contributing you will also need to set up a ticket on your club's homepage so that they are able to pay.


Things to Note

  • The event cannot make a profit/loss, so this value must total £0
  • Try to be as clear as possible when listing the type of expense and clearly state how the entirety of this expense will be covered in the income section

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