All club members and coaches need to be insured to take part in any club activity whether it is training, fixtures or anything in between.

Paid members of your club are covered by Student's Union UCL Insurance for the duration of their club membership when taking part in your club's activities.

Club Trials

All UCL students are covered by the Union's short term additional insurance during this period. This enables participation in sports trials etc. without the commitment to join. Once trials have ended, all individuals participating in your activities must be members of the club to be covered by the Union's insurance policy.


After 'Joining Fortnight', all club Presidents and Treasurers can access membership lists via the Student's Union UCL Website. This information can be passed on to your committee members e.g. team captains, but not third parties.

Club committee members should use this information to check that any individual taking part in any club activity is a fully paid member of the club, and therefore insured.

* Should a committee member e.g. a team captain fail to make proper checks, or knowingly allow a non-member to take part in any club activity (e.g. a match/competition) then that individual and/or club could face internal disciplinary action, and further legal action should the uninsured individual(s) be involved in or cause an accident or injury.


All coaches whose services are engaged by a TeamUCL club need to be registered each year with Student's Union UCL (see the how to guide here) and have Public Limited Liability Insurance with a minimum level of cover at £10 million.


National Governing Bodies

Certain sports require individual participants to hold insurance or licenses with their National Governing Body or NGB (e.g. fencing, basketball, karate). You should already be aware if this affects your club, if you are unsure please contact your Sports Development Coordinator, Neal or Henry. 


Tours and trips

Insurance is vitally important if you are going off campus or abroad for a trip or expedition. It ensures that you are covered for any injuries, theft, loss, etc, just like travel insurance. If you are not insured as an individual or a group, the president is personally liable for any costs or legal action taken.

Step 1

Fill in an additional activity registration form. This will give us all the details about who is going on the trip, and where you are going.  It also includes a risk assessment, which must be filled in in detail. Think about all the activities you will be doing, and what risks could happen during it. You should submit your forms to [email protected] at least 2 weeks before a trip in the UK or at least 8 weeks in advance of a trip abroad.

Step 2

If the Activities and Skills Manager does not think your risk assessment is sufficient, he will ask you to do it again or revise it. We must have an approved version at least 1 week before you go on the trip.

Step 3

You can either get insurance for your trip as a group, or as individuals.
You can use any insurance provider you like, but STA Travel and Trip Advisor have advice about good insurers and which insurance to go for.  Tour companies should provide insurance as part of the package.
Of course you will want to keep the cost down, but make sure your activity is covered. Lots of standard insurers don’t cover water or snow sports for example, and those that do will be more expensive.
You should also make sure that any health costs are covered, incase you get ill whilst abroad, or out of the UK.
Your insurance should start the day before you leave, and end the day after you are due to return, in case your journey gets delayed.

Step 4

The President should ask for a photocopy of all the trip participants' insurance. If the president is not going on the trip, the trip organiser should also have a copy of each of them.

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