All travel reclaims for sports fixtures are done through ROSA.

Step 1: Getting your captain access

Only the president or treasurer of your club can assign captain status to members. In order to do this:

  1. On the main website (not Rosa) go to your Club page
  2. Go to the Captains tab and click "Add captain"
  3. Enter the details and save.

Step 2: Navigating to Rosa

  1. Log in to Students' Union UCL.
  2. Go to 'My Profile'.
  3. Click on 'My Data'.

Step 3: Create your fixture on Rosa (Captains)

  1. Add a new fixture

    Only the captain can create the fixture. To do this, go to Rosa as detailed in the above step and select 'Team Fixtures' from the top menu. Then press 'Add new fixture'.
  2. Creating the new fixture

    You will need your fixture ID, the team sheet and date of game to hand to input into the form. Once inputted, press save.
  3. The final step

    Add all participants to the fixture, including yourself as captain. This is so that team members can claim for their travel, if they are not listed, they will not be able to claim.

Step 4: Request your travel expense 

  1. In the top menu of Rosa, Finance → Travel Expenses → View on the relevant fixture
  2. Request Travel Expense button and fill out form details.


As a captain, not only do you submit your own travel expense, but you must also approve it and all those of your team members. To do so:

  1. Find the fixture under travel expenses, go in to the travel expense and approve (or reject) each travel claim.
  2. This also applies to your officials expense claims too.
  3. Once satisfied with your team's travel claims, you must lock the fixture which will send it to activities. Once the fixture has been locked, no new reclaims can be added to the fixture.

If activities reject any travel claims: 

  1. Review the rejection comments made and make sure your team member resubmits with the relevant corrections. 
  2. As captain, approve (or reject) the new travel claim and check that the corrections have been applied.
  3. Lock fixture once more to send to activities. Activities will not receive your travel claim until this done.

All players must upload their travel expenses evidence (e.g., a receipt of purchase or train ticket) within 28 days of the fixture. If the deadline is missed, reclaim will have to be from club accounts, which can be completed through your president/treasurer via a payment request form.

Note: If you are a RUMS Student on medical placement, please communicate your travel needs with Scott, the Sports Administrator.

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