BUCS & LUSL teams and leagues

If you'd like to increase (or reduce) your number of BUCS/LUSL teams:

Step 1:

Communicate with your Sports Development Coordinator via [email protected]. They will be able to advise you on necessary requirements (e.g., membership and availability, finance, facilities, etc) for BUCS/LUSL leagues.

Step 2:

Establish a plan of action with your committee in regards to meeting the necessary requirements.

Step 3:

Once you feel you have completed the necessary tasks get back in touch with your Sports Development Coordinator by providing evidence your club's improvements. They will discuss future BUCS/LUSL team entry with the Sports Administrator and your club.


Please note: If a team has conceded any walkovers during the course of the BUCS season, TeamUCL staff & officers will make a decision on whether that team will be re-entered for the following year.

BUCS Individual Championships and one-off events

Step 1:

Check the BUCS Events page throughout the year, and highlight to the Sports Administrator the events you'd like to attend as soon as possible (min 2 weeks prior to the event). The Sports Administrator will make you aware of various events pertaining to your sport but please do not rely on this. On your specific event page you will find necessary information regarding entry deadlines, date and time of the event, venue location, etc.

Step 2:

To enter an individual event each entrant must do so via the BUCS Play mobile app:

1. Within the app, find your sports community (more > my communities > find new communities). 

2. Scroll to events and select. Choose your desire event (note: only events open for application will be listed).

3. Find your relevant competition/discipline (e.g., Women's 50m Backstroke).

4. Select and join your institution.

5. Complete the relevant information, check eligibility and apply.

6. If completed your entry will be awaiting approval from your Sports Administrator.

To enter a team event:

  1. Communicate with the Sports Administrator and highlight the event you'd like to enter.
  2. The Sports Administrator will create your team.
  3. Each team member must then apply to enter the team.
  4. The Sports Administrator will assign the team captain, who will then be able to approve entrants and move them into their squad.

Step 3:

Once your entry has been approved (eligibility checks from both UCL and BUCS) you should begin putting in place pre-made plans regarding travel and accommodation if necessary. The Sports Administrator can help you with all of this.

The Union can reimburse travel at the cheapest price train ticket with an applied 18-25 railcard discount. If you wish to travel via car or coach this should be discussed with the sports administrator beforehand. Do not assume that alternative methods of transport will qualify for a refund.

The Union will also contribute up to £25.00 where overnight stay is required.

Please note: refunds and monetary contributions are only available to competitors.

Step 4:

You can reclaim the transport and accommodation costs after the competition using a travel reclaim form.

Please follow the How to Guide on how to do this. For Individual Championships, only the president can submit a travel reclaim.

Please note: All travel reclaims must be submitted via email to [email protected] within a month of the event.


Where members are entered and fail to compete, all costs incurred against those members (travel, entry fees, fines etc) will fall to the club to pay. This does not apply in the case of injury (where the individual concerned can produce a medical certificate).

Non-BUCS/LUSL competitions

For any tournaments or championships held by organisations other than BUCS or LUSL you must first seek approval by Student's Union UCL to enter. All entry information should be emailed to [email protected] at least two weeks prior to entry deadline.

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