The next generation of climate leaders are studying at UCL today.

Climate change affects us all. Our planet faces unsustainable rising temperatures and the destruction of natural habitats.

But there is hope: our growing community of student leaders and activists who are at the forefront of climate action.

Mary's COP28 Video Diary

Day Five - Coming Soon

Day Six - Coming Soon

Climate change impacts everyone, but the future belongs to young people. So we've sent Union Affairs Officer, Mary, to the world's biggest climate conference - COP28.

Mary has joined a team of UCL academics at COP28, the UN's global climate conference. Each year, UCL takes an active stance in the global fight against the climate crisis by assembling a dedicated team of experts drawn from diverse disciplines within the university to participate in COP.

Mary is at COP as a Blue Zone delegate representing our global student population.

We're running free climate leader training sessions in 2024. Sign up and we'll contact you with details.

UCL students are already shaping the technology, industry, and policy of the future. Join the climate action movement, and become a climate leader. We're running training sessions, guest speaker events, and networking sessions to help upskill our community and create the next generation of climate leaders.

Hear from the UCL student leaders already making change →

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Growing one’s own food is a good starting point to talk about climate action
To someone who knows nothing about your society, how would you describe it to them in a couple of sentences?We are a group of students passionate in getting our hands dirty to grow food and appreciate nature.
The biggest challenge for climate action is climate inaction
To someone who knows nothing about your society, how would you describe it to them in a couple of sentences?The Environmental Law and Life Sciences society is an interdisciplinary society that combines law and science to address climate change issues.
'Change begins within our own communities'
To someone who knows nothing about your society, how would you describe it to them in a couple of sentences?The UCL Climate Action Society aims to bring students together to take action on climate change at our university and beyond, through campaigns, events and socials, all whilst
‘Innovative solutions emerge from fresh perspectives’
What is Engineers Without Borders Society all about?Our society’s aim is to inspire, upskill and drive change. I have been actively involved with Engineers Without Borders for three years.

Take action on campus

Climate Action Clubs: Join or start a climate action focussed society on campus. Collaborate on local initiatives, host awareness campaigns, and make you UCL a hub for climate action.

Volunteer: Reach out to our Volunteering service to find opportunities, dedicated to climate action and volunteer your time and skills. Whether it's tree planting, redistributing food waste, or educational programs, your efforts can make a real difference.

Advocate: Engage with your local and national government representatives to push for policies that support climate action. Attend town hall meetings, write letters, and get involved in advocacy campaigns.

Live a Sustainable Lifestyle: Embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and minimize your carbon footprint in your daily choices, from transportation to food consumption. See our campaigns below.

Join the collective of changemakers

If you are looking to make a difference and have an impact on campus, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved through one of our societies or groups.