The UCL Animal Rights Society is a non-judgemental, educational platform with the goal of raising awareness on key animal rights issues and abuses, emphasising the anthropogenic effect on our climate and the animals we share it with. We believe that non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own existence and that their most basic interests- such as the need to avoid suffering- should be afforded the same consideration as similar interests of human beings. Through creative means such as fundraisers, campaigns, workshops and volunteering, we aim to create a space for open dialogue to place specicism and other animal rights issues at the forefront of student priority in an enjoyable yet knowledgeable manner.

We have an array of events planned for you including socials, online campaigns, workshops, panel discussions, blogging and vlogging opportunities, as well as, volunteering opportunities at shelters and sanctuaries. In the meantime, please spread the news about this society by liking, commenting and sharing our socials. Together, we can create a wonderful family of animal lovers at UCL!

Society email address: [email protected]

Instagram: @ucl.animalrights


2022 November Newletter:

*As our taster sessions have now passed, you must show your membership confirmation email upon entry!


Weekly Roundtable Discussion Topic submission: link


RSPCA Shop Volunteering Position

If you want to volunteer in the shops, this needs on a more permanent basis as there is training involved. You would need to commit to at least 2 hours per week on a regular basis, preferably on the same day each week.

Please see below a list of the shops the branch runs and if anyone is interested, sign up from the link below and you will be given a volunteering application form.

Sign up here!

285 Caledonian Road, N1

6 Blackstock Road N4

18 Broadway Parade, Crouch End N8

389 Green Lanes, Palmers Green N13

180 Stoke Newington High Street, N16

404 High Road, Tottenham N17

123 Lower Clapton Road E5

27 High Street, Ealing W5

127 Northfield Avenue, W13


More to come…

  • Monthly volunteering with RSPCA, including cat-socialising and charity shop assistant opportunities; or sanctuary visits
  • Campus Representative events with our sponsors Surge and HumaniTea;
  • Documentary screening;
  • Animal rights career event;
  • Christmas vegan feast
  • ...

Past Events Recording Links:

Animal Debating: link (Passcode:[email protected])

Introductory Talk on Manta Rays: link (Passcode:tU?10MO0)

Effective Altruism Soc Collab Talk: link (Passcode: pH06=t&m)


This page would be constantly updated, for the newest updates go to our Instagram page!

Disclaimer: All topics discussed through this society are to raise awareness and bring animal rights to the forefront of common discourse.