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UCL TEDx Society is a place where like-minded students can discover and share ideas they truly care about. Our last TEDxUCL conference took place in Early 2023, titled Visions, which collected ideas regarding how the world can improve looking forward into the future.

Throughout the year, we will also bring a host of great initiatives such as our conversational TED membership discussions and lots of other activities to help you develop your public speaking skills and deliver your own TED-style talk!



We are proud to be licensed by TED - a global community dedicated to spreading ideas worth sharing. We aim to follow in their footsteps and encourage discussion about the various topics that define our modern world - ranging from complex scientific concepts to addressing political issues in an agenda-free manner.

The UCL TEDx Society is an inclusive place to find people that simply enjoy thinking and sharing ideas without judgement. Aside from meeting our amazing members, we provide many different kinds of resources to help with public speaking, and TEDx-related materials. You will find that just being surrounded by a great curious energy with some friendly faces can help you to excel in your own academic endeavours!

We have numerous initiatives throughout the year. These include:

  • TED Membership Discussions - an open community of small groups that discuss big ideas. Hosted by volunteers, membership discussions discuss a TED Talk about a monthly theme or issues of urgent importance (here and now). By considering each other's perspectives, they create a global conversation
  • Salons - small weekly or monthly events that keep our TEDxUCL community engaged between regular TEDx events. It's a unique kind of gathering that allows the conversation to continue, in person
  • TEDxUCL Conference - which won the best event of the Year in 2021, is the most famous event of the society and takes place once every year.
  • And much more!

You can get involved by signing up for a full membership in order to gain access to this community and the wonderful resources it provides. In addition, you can stay updated to our events that we have planned throughout the year, and maybe even get involved with the planning as a volunteer :)


TEDx Society Membership Discussion
04/10/2023 | 18:00 - 19:30