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Welcome to VegSoc, a society for the open-minded plant-based lifestyle supporters in London, and beyond! If you like plant-based food, sustainability, animal ethics and want to meet like-minded people this is the perfect place for you!! 

Last year, after a slow start under the previous committee, VegSoc came to thrive under a new team, who in fact were all re-elected for this academic year! 

Anyway, in 2019/2020 we had:

  • Social events, such as a trip to a veggie festival in Camden, VegSoc night out, visits to student-budget-friendly vegan restaurants, a meet up with other veggie societies in London universities… 

  • Educational events, such as online debates and discussions, a talk by Cosmic Sceptic, an Animal Rebellion induction meeting, a launch of the new BOSH! book at Waterstones...

  • Volunteering events for The Humane League, which is a charity that promotes chicken welfare, and for Food4Thought, which is an organisation that encourages universities to become plant-based

This year will be slightly different, but don't fret, it will be even more fun and engaging! At the start of the term, we will send out a SURVEY to find out a bit more about you and your interests so that we can tailor the society to you and what you'd want to get out of it. We've planned a host of social and educational activities, regular volunteering sessions and events related to careers in animal rights and welfare but we will adjust them accordingly throughout the year depending on their popularity.

As a committee, we have decided that ALL of the memberships will be FREE for the first term. We take all governmental advice very seriously and will only be promoting activities in person if they are safe for everyone. Thus, the majority of our events will be online.

If the circumstances allow it, we would like to host more in-person events and we hope that you would be happy to pay a nominal fee of £5 for the 2nd and 3rd terms. The remote membership will stay free for the duration of the year.

To give you a taste of what we've planned, there will be:

  • A weekly newsletter with upcoming events, memes, news, and articles

  • A weekly online fun event, such as quizzes, movie nights, games...

  • A bi-weekly educational event, such as discussions, talks, speakers, documentaries...

  • A bi-weekly fun in-person event, such as picnics, scavenger hunts, potlucks, collabs with other societies, pub crawls

  • Volunteering events and campaigning opportunities

  • Inter-uni events with Veg Soc from other London unis 

  • Networking and career related opportunities

  • An animal sanctuary visit (if Covid permits this)

  • A big annual event (Wait, what! We didn't have this last year!) 

  • Online cookalongs and a weekly breakfast club, where we’d love to catch up on the past week or discuss any news

We are looking forward to meeting you all 🙂

Meanwhile, check out our social media!!! 

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UCLU Vegetarian Society have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.