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In March, the new Sabbatical Officers who will lead Students’ Union UCL for the coming year were elected. The new Officers will begin in July, but before they start, here’s a quick introduction to Aatikah, D’Arcy, Jim, Caroline, Ashley Nilisha and Sandra:

Welfare and International Officer: Aatikah Malik

Aatikah studies BA History

You can read Aatikah’s manifesto here, and below is a short summary.

  • Increased awareness of mental health and support: Stronger zero tolerance on sexual harassment in both the Union and university campus. Stronger personal tutoring systems and mental health training. Permanent nap rooms and productive use of new space
  • Combating discrimination: Decolonise the curriculum and ensure BME students sense of belonging and welfare. Ensure a more culturally sensitive mental health service. Strengthen the hate crime reporting centre and
  • Student community: Support estranged students and those with English as a second language
  • Remove attendance monitoring scheme
  • Housing and finance: Cut the rent and help students with financial management and housing advice through lobbying the university

Activities Officer: D’Arcy McGuinness

D’Arcy studies BSc Psychology

You can read D’Arcy’s manifesto here, and below is a short summary.

  • Processes: Refine administrative processes that hinder activities, focusing on the accessibility of room bookings and the efficiency/clarity of finance
  • Space: Increase priority spaces available for activities. Pressure UCL to avoid wasted spaces.
  • Storage: Reduce wasted spending on equipment/resources that cannot be kept because of the lack of facilities
  • Support: Provide a regular and dedicated opportunity for club and society members to communicate with the Union. Ensure clubs and societies can support their members and be supported themselves

Postgraduate Students’ Officer: Jim Onyemenam

Jim studies LLM Law

You can read Jim’s manifesto here, and below is a short summary.

  • Campaign for better pay and benefits for students who teach
  • Improve bursaries and childcare funding for parents and carers
  • Encourage the participation of postgraduate students in clubs, societies, and activities
  • Career advice tailored for postgraduate (and particularly international postgraduate) students

Women’s Officer: Nilisha Vashist

Nilisha is undertaking a Research Degree in the Division of Psychiatry

You can read Nilisha’s manifesto here, and below is a short summary

  • Increase financial support to disabled, women with care-giving responsibilities, improve women’s mental health and closing the gender pay gap.
  • Stricter implementation of zero tolerance policy and combating all forms of misogyny on campus.
  • Promote women peer-networking and mentoring, especially for BME and disabled women.
  • Holding inter-cultural events for international women, especially postgraduates, to tackle isolation and loneliness.
  • Work with the LGBTQ and disabled students’ societies to bring together all self-defining women and non-binary students.

Democracy, Operations and Community Officer: Caroline Paige

Caroline studies MSc Risk, Disaster and Resilience Earth Sciences

You can read Caroline’s manifesto here, and below is a short summary

  • Democracy - continue to reform Union democratic processes so that students can more easily affect change.
  • Operations - improve student facilities: more microwaves and kettles around campus!
  • Community - address student concerns that many don’t feel like a ‘part of UCL’

Education Officer: Ashley Slanina-Davies

Ashley is studying MSci Neuroscience

You can read Ashley’s manifesto here, and below is a short summary

  • A dedicated point of contact for interrupting students and facilitation of their return to UCL
  • More dedicated teaching staff to bridge the gap between what it is necessary to learn and what there is time to teach within a degree programme’s contact hours
  • More encouragement and guidance on pursuing internal and external academic opportunities
  • ISD Meet & Greet at all external lecture venues
  • Adequate funding for student mental health services – anything less is a breach of UCL’s duty of care

Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer: Sandra Ogundele

Sandra studies BSc Natural Sciences

You can read Sandra’s manifesto here, and below is a short summary

  • Fight for quality welfare support for BME students, by pushing for crisis accommodation, free travel cards for students in need and increased funding for mental health services
  • Use student forums and society collaborations to build bridges across cultures and stand united against all racism, xenophobia and discrimination
  • Provide accessible political education workshops and training to build capacity to collectively organise around campaigns like Decolonise UCL
  • Support the fight for free education by resisting changes to higher education that hit BME students the hardest

The new team starts on 1 July 2019, until then our current officer team are busy working on ways to make student life at UCL amazing. 

The spring election in stats