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D'Arcy McGuinness
Why are you standing?: 

My name is D’arcy and I am running to be your Activities Officer.

Often, the activities we engage in outside of the lecture theatre go a long way to shape us into the people we are today. From finding your passion, to lifelong friends or developing new skills that make you stand out, the opportunities that are available to us are immeasurable. As someone who has been a society president for two years and an employee at the activities reception, I am well versed in the struggles and obstacles our activities face. As one of the biggest and most active students’ unions, we shouldn’t become complacent, we should continue to strive for more, and I promise to do this.

My plans include:

Processes: Refine administrative processes that hinder activities, focusing on the accessibility of room bookings and the efficiency/clarity of finance.

Space: Increase priority spaces available for activities. Pressure UCL to avoid wasted spaces.

Storage: Reduce wasted spending on equipment/resources that cannot be kept because of the lack of facilities.

Support: Provide a regular and dedicated opportunity for club and society members to communicate with the Union. Ensure clubs and societies can support their members and be supported themselves.