Seyi Osi
Equity & Inclusion Officer
Mary McHarg
Activities & Engagement Officer
Hamza Ahmed
Education Officer
Deniz Akinci
Union Affairs Officer
Umair Mehmood
Welfare & Community Officer
Nick Miao
Accommodation and Housing Officer
Lewis Murphy
Arts Officer
Callie Yoo
Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Students' Officer
Disabled Students' Officer (Job share)
Kartik Singh Rathore / Udaya Goel
International Students' Officer (Job share)
Angel Ma
LGBQ+ Officer
Tope Oyelade
Mature & Part-time Students' Officer
Louise Saukila
Officer for Students with Caring Responsibilities
Emma Francis
Research Students' Officer
Lorena Lopez
Social Class & Mobility Officer
Haoyu Wang
Societies Officer
Chiamaka Agu
Sports Officer
Vaania Kapoor Achuthan
Sustainability Officer
Harper Taylor-Hanson
Trans Officer
Peter Kanyike and Dania Hernandez
UCL East Student Officer
Jingyi Ye and Yalin Chen
Volunteering Officer
Manon Simmons and Sasha Green
Women's Officer (Job share)