AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. Most public organisations have these once a year, to communicate with their members, give a round up of the year’s events, plan future ones, and take any comments or suggestions. Club or Society AGMs are also used to elect your committee for the next academic year and to ratify or change your constitution. You should take a look at Section 5 of the Club and Society Regulations for full details about organising General Meetings, and you should also check out the guide on How to change your constitution. You can also refer to the Club and Society Election Rules for further guidance. 

Clubs and societies must democratically elect all officer positions either by AGM or through an online election in a free, fair and transparent way in line with Club and Society Regulations

You can either vote for your representatives at an AGM, or hold an online election. Information about online elections will be circulated to presidents and treasurers. If you are holding your vote at an AGM, please follow the instructions below. 

Step 1

You club must hold an AGM in Term 2 (by Friday 24th March 2023).

Step 2

Arrange the date and time of your AGM. It should preferably be outside of working hours, and you cannot hold it in a venue which serves alcohol. It should be fully accessible. Check out the guides on How to book CSC Rooms and How to book College Rooms.

We recommend you do this as far in advance as possible to avoid your desired room/s becoming fully booked.

Step 3

You must publicise the date and time of your AGM to ALL OF YOUR MEMBERS at least 5 term days in advance of the meeting. As president or treasurer you can download a membership list for emails on your club/society page.

You must ensure that you create an event with the AGM date and venue on the Students' Union What's On Calendar at least 5 term days before the meeting. Check out our how-to guide on how to add events to the website here

You also must inform the Student Activities Reception (you can do this by including [email protected] in the email to all your members) a minimum of 5 working days before your meeting.

Your AGM must be advertised via email to a full and up to date membership list (as opposed to on social media, or through a freshers sign up list) to ensure all your members are notified.

Step 4

You must circulate your agenda to all your members at least 3 term days in advance of the meeting. Please use the template agenda (found at the bottom of this page). Don't forget to cc the Student Activities Reception ([email protected]) in to this email. 

Step 5

Hold your AGM! You must take minutes (template below), an attendance record (template below), and record the results (template below). Remember to record the number of votes in your minutes. Your meeting must be 'quorate' - this means you are required to have a minimum number of members atttend and vote for your results to be valid. Quoracy for AGMs is 15% of your membership, or 10 members - whichever is the greater. If your meeting is not quorate, your results will be passed to the Activities Executive, who can ratify your results, or ask you to re-hold your AGM.

Remember, Visiting and Associate members cannot vote in your AGM. In order to vote, you must be a current UCL student, and have been a member of the club or society for 28 days. You are also not eligible to stand for election unless you have been a member of the club or society for 28 days before your AGM. 

Step 6

Please submit your minutes, results and attendance using the following form - 

Annual / Emergency Meeting Results Form

This must be completed no later than April 3rd 2021

If you ratified any changes to your constitution, you will also be required to upload it here. 



AGM Agenda Template

AGM Minutes Template

AGM Attendance Record

AGM Results Template

Club/Society Constitution Template

Online Elections 

We will circulate details of how to request an online election to presidents and treasurers. All you'll need to do is provide a list of committee positions to elect, and we'll do the rest.  

Online Election Committee Positions Form


Once your AGM has been approved, you will be required to submit your registration documents through the following form:

Club/Society Annual Registration Contract Template

Core Risk Assessment Template

Club/Society Constitution Template

Club Development Plan Template

Society Development Plan Template

Club/Society COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template

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