What is a constitution?

Every Club or Society has a constitution which sets out their core activities. These are the activities that your Club or Society must do every year to remain affiliated to the Union. They also lay out what the principle committee officer positions are. Full details about constitutions are included in the Club and Society Regulations.

Your constitution should be approved each year at your AGM, and recorded in the minutes. You can download a template to use for your constitution at the bottom of this webpage. For more information on this, take a look at how to run an AGM or how to run an EGM.

If you would like to change your constitution during the academic year, you can either do this through an EGM, or through an online referendum. 

Changing your constitution

Approving changes at an EGM or AGM

You should hold an EGM or AGM, following our guidance in how to run an AGM or how to run an EGM.

At your EGM or AGM, discuss the proposed changes, and hold a vote to approve the changes. The vote must be passed by a two thirds majority, and recorded in the minutes of your meeting. 

Remember to submit your General Meeting documentation through our webform. You will receive email updates on the status of your submission. 

Approving changes through an online referendum

Alternatively, you can complete and submit our Online Referendum Request Form.

You will need:  

  • A copy of your current constitution
  • A copy of your proposed constitution
  • A summary of the proposed changes
  • A suggested voting timeline 

We will be able to set up an online referendum on your behalf. We will send you the link to this, which you must circulate to your members. 


If any changes are made to your constitution, they must be ratified (approved) by the Activities Executive.

We will pass your constitution on to the Activities Executive on your behalf, and provide feedback on any changes that are required. 

Constitution Template

Club and Society Constitution Template Download

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