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Serving and consuming alcohol at events on campus is regulated under UK licensing laws by Camden Council.
It is possible to order catering from the Union, from the Refectory (Sodexo), or from an external caterer.
When running any event for your Club or Society, it is important to add it to the What's On calendar and advertise your event to your members.
This how to guide will give you all the information you need to run your own events and get the most out of them. Use it as a checklist so you do not forget anything. 
The Bloomsbury Studio is UCL's very own 50+ seat studio theatre right at the heart of Bloomsbury Campus.
Please read this how-to-guide for information on how to register and pay your coaches or instructors. 
The Bloomsbury Theatre is UCL's very own 541-seat theatre right at the heart of Bloomsbury Campus.
Organising meetings or chat groups Where possible, use UCL e-mail addresses when inviting people to events or chat groups.
Tickets for all club/society events should be sold through the online Union Shop. 
It is important for the Activities Team to know details about your trip or tour, to make sure you’re insured for all your activities.
Students’ Union UCL facilitates thousands of external speakers every year and has policies and procedures in place to help protect freedom of speech within the law.
Students' Union UCL, and therefore your club or society, is a charity. It is against the law for charities to donate money directly to other charities straight from your Club or Society account.
As part of trips to places of interest, or just to get you to competitions, you may need to hire some sort of vehicle, whether it is a mini-van, a minibus or a car to transport you
All current UCL students are automatically members of Students' Union UCL, however there is also a way that non UCL students, UCL graduates and UCL staff can take part in our club and society activ
The Activities Network Executive expects that you abide by the following when hosting auditions for theatre productions or for any other auditioned events.
Students' Union UCL needs to keep a record of all the films shown by clubs and societies, because we are a public organisation, and must pay a license for films to be shown publicly.