All current UCL students are automatically members of Students' Union UCL, however there is also a way that non UCL students, UCL graduates and UCL staff can take part in our club and society activities through a Visiting/Associate Membership.

Step 1

The person wishing to join your club or society should complete the online Visiting & Associate Membership Form. We may request that you, as president of the club/society, are able to provide a statement of support about this person with their application. 

Step 2

They should decide on which type of membership they would like:

  • If they are visiting UCL from a different university, they will need a Visiting Membership.
  • If they are a staff member of UCL, or UCL alumni (graduates), they will need an Associate Membership.

Both of these are available for 3 months (1 term) or the entire academic year.

Step 3

A year membership costs £25 and a 3 month membership costs £15 and the clubs membership fees on top. 

Step 4

The form will be processed, and if approved, their membership card will be made within 10 working days. The associate/visiting member will then be e-mailed to inform them they can pick it up from the Activities reception.

Step 5

Once they have their membership card, they may then purchase a membership to the desired Club or Society at the standard cost.


Please note

Visiting and Associate Members

- Cannot represent UCL/ Students' Union UCL in competitive sport

- Cannot take lead roles in our theatre and music productions

- Cannot vote in any Students’ Union UCL or club/society elections.

- Cannot hold office/a committee position with Students’ Union UCL or its affiliated clubs or societies

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