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Students' Union UCL needs to keep a record of all the films shown by clubs and societies, because we are a public organisation, and must pay a license for films to be shown publicly.

Please check this list of production companies that are currently covered by the Film Screening Licence. If your films Production Company is not listed - please contact [email protected] to discuss your options - in most cases the club/society will need to purchase an individual screening licence which can range in price depending on the film you wish to show.

Step 1

Find a suitable room for your event by looking at our room booking guides. Each room will have a a list of equipment in the room available, so please make sure that you have checked if the room has AV available.

Step 2

Book your room via the appropriate procedures. Please note, only Club and Society presidents can book UCL rooms via their own login on the UCL room bookings website.

If you are unable to access UCL Estates Room Bookings as the President of the society, please contact the Students' Union Reception on [email protected].

Step 3

If the room you have booked has no projector or screen available, presidents can speak to the Union about borrowing the Union's portable projector. (Please note - only one Projector is available for loan, and this is on a first come first served basis). If you wish to borrow it, please contact the Activities reception to arrange a pick up and drop off time and date – [email protected] or call Reception on 0207 679 7239.

The President is responsible for the safety of the equipment, and the society/club may be liable for any damage costs that are incurred.

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