As part of trips to places of interest, or just to get you to competitions, you may need to hire some sort of vehicle, whether it is a mini-van, a minibus or a car to transport your members or your equipment to and from your activities. This guide explains how you do this. With all the below methods, make sure you follow the correct financial procedures when paying for the hire of these vehicles.

Bear in mind that most hire companies will ask for a deposit and up front payment.  Make sure you follow the correct financial procedure when paying for the hire. This will ordinarily involve an Purchase Request Form being submitted with the appropriate paperwork to [email protected] 

For all self drive scenarios you should check your licence covers you.

Hire a minibus

If you want to drive a minibus,  this can be arranged through Westway Community Transport, our agreed minibus supplier. They will ask any drivers to take a MIDAS test. You will have to decide if your Club or Society will pay, or if the individual driver will pay for this additional cost. If you do want to pay for this out of the Club or Society Account please ensure that the funds are available prior to booking.

If you want to hire a minibus & driver, this can also be arranged through Westway Community Transport. They will charge you per mile (price goes up depending on distance), for petrol costs and for the driver. For an accurate pricelist, look on their website:

Hire a coach

To hire a coach, Students' Union UCL has an agreement with P and J Ellis Coaches.  Tell us your departure location, time, destination postcodes, return time, drop off point, and we will be able to get you a quote for your paperwork, and make the booking for you. PJ Ellis will then invoice you for the quoted amount.

Sports Clubs should e-mail the details to: [email protected]

Societies should e-mail the details to: [email protected]

Hire a car or van

Hiring a car is not a recommended method of transport, as it isn’t as environmentally friendly as group travel.  However cars can be hired from Avis, Hertz, Europcar  and other suppliers.

Please note: The price will go up by a huge amount if you cross the border into another country. You are liable for hiring the car, make sure you have the correct driving license, and insurance (bought from the car rental supplier). Please also note that the hirer in most cases must be the named driver and others cannot drive the vehicle as they will not be insured!

If you want any petrol costs refunded, you will need to provide us with a VAT receipt (along with a Payment Request Form) and ensure your club/society has funds to cover this expense.

This is the same for hiring a van, which can be done through or .

If you are unsure about your requirements for this please contact the Student Activities Reception who will be able to assist you with more information from the Student Activities Team.

Use your own vehicle

Under the Students’ Union UCL sustainable development policy car travel is discouraged and expenses from this may be refused if other more green forms of transport (walking, coach or train) were available but not used.

Step 1

Fill in the Private Vehicle Registration Form. Please make sure to attach copies of your insurance and MOT. You will receive a notification once the form has been reviewed by the Societies Programme Manager or the Sports Development Manager (this will depend on if you are using the vehicle for a Club or Society).

Step 2

Ensure your form has been seen and approved before you use your vehicle for Union club and society activity.

Step 3

If you wish to claim back petrol for Union related activity ensure you have a VAT receipt and a record of mileage and where the journey was to and from. Then complete a Payment Request Form. Ensure your claim is made within 30 days of the journey; otherwise the Union reserves the right to refuse to process it.

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