How to hand over to your new committee Whether an outgoing president, or a newly elected social secretary, having a dialogue between outgoing and incoming committees is
If you have a complaint to make about a club, society, president or treasurer, you should follow the procedure below.  Under no circumstances should you complain directly to the person involve
All clubs and societies must have a president and treasurer, elected by the members of the club/society through an online election (or at an AGM or EGM).
AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. Most public organisations have these once a year, to communicate with their members, give a round up of the year’s events, plan future ones, and take any
An EGM is an Emergency General Meeting.
Promoting elections to your members You must download your membership list from the Union website.
Election Supporting Statement (Manifesto) Guide Your candidate support statement, sometimes referred to as a manifesto, should simply state what you plan to do in your role and what chan
What is a constitution? Every club or society has a constitution which sets out their core activities.