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How to hand over to your new committee

Whether an outgoing president, or a newly elected social secretary, having a dialogue between outgoing and incoming committees is an important aspect of running a successful club or society.

Once your club/society election results have been confirmed - put each successful candidate in touch with their counterpart so they can arrange an online meeting, chat or email discussion. All UCL students have access to Microsoft Teams and it’s great for 1-2-1 or small group meetings.  

Don’t forget the current committee’s last day is Friday 7th June 2024, so arrange your meetings before then.

With the help of your committee, all our presidents and treasurers should complete our club/society handover, outlining key information and achievements from this academic year. You can download our handover template to help compile everything you need:  

Club/Society Committee Handover Template


Club/Society Details

Outline details specific to your club/society such as your finance code, club/society email (@ucl.ac.uk) and your membership fees. We will also send out an email to all new presidents and treasurers with all the required details, so don't worry if you don't have all the information to hand. 

All clubs and societies get an official UCL email account, which doesn’t require a password. Access is granted by the Student Activities team once all registration documents for the new academic year have been received and approved. If you don't already, new committees should use this as their primary email account.

Social Media Pages

As we know, online presence is particularly important to engage members. Remember to hand over details and passwords of all your club/society social media and email accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are important tools for the running and promotion of your club/society and they need to be kept up-to-date by the new committee.

Key Contacts

Give your new committee the details of the key contacts you made during your year in office. Whether these are the details of your main sponsor, coaches and instructors or the best member of staff to contact to book a venue, it will give them a great head start in preparing for the new academic year. 

Students' Union Storage 

If applicable, include information of any club/storage you have access to. Remember to include where the storage space is and what is currently stored there so your new committee know exactly what to look for.


Club/Society Inventory

Your club/society may have equipment that is used for events and activities throughout the year. Please include the details of all the items you have, how many you have, prices and any notes that might be useful to bear in mind (e.g. storage location and condition of item).


Sports Club Events/ Competitions/ BUCS Fixtures

Your club may participate in a variety of competitions and fixtures, so be sure to include all the information you have to ensure the new committee are aware of upcoming dates and locations. 


Current Committee Handover

Outline each committee role and their duties, particularly the three principal roles of president, treasurer and welfare officer that every club/society has to have. Include the main tasks in your specific committee position, a list of tasks to complete over the summer and any ideas you may have for your successor. 

Successes and Improvements

Give your new committee a short report on what you think were your biggest successes of the year and where you think your club/society needs to improve in the year, and years, ahead. Encouraging your new committee to have a long term outlook is great for the health and future of your club/society.

Key Club/Society Events 

Throughout the year you will have a variety of events and you can find these in your club/society constitution, or in your club/society development plan if you have one. Don't forget to make sure your new committee has copies of both. You can find your club/society constitution here. If you don't have a copy of your constitution or development plan, email [email protected] and we will send you the most recent version on file. 

Club/Society Deadlines 

Please us this space to include deadlines relevant to your club or society, which your new committee may need to know over the course of the year. Please note, the Student Activities Team will regularly email your president and treasurer all key Union deadlines, such as those for elections, throughout the year. You must check your emails regularly throughout the year to ensure your club/society does not miss any important deadlines. 




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