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We are one of the largest societies on the UCL campus. With the most paying sponsors at UCL, we have a huge range of sponsors such as JPMorgan, Accenture and Bloomberg! Our aim is very simple: to give UCL students the best tools and experience to kick-start their career in the best possible way.

We are an alliance between 5 of the largest societies at UCL: Business Society, Data Science Society, Entrepreneurs, Investment Society and Women in Finance Society. This means that we can answer all your needs, whether you are interested in business, law, finance, technology or entrepreneurship.

We have an amazing range of speakers for you, from the CEO of Snapchat, CEO of Virgin Atlantic to the UBS Global Chief Economist and many more. We also organise workshops and mentorship programs to help you write the best CV, cover letter and be prepared for interviews. Don’t miss out on our main events which include The Finance Conference (the largest finance conference in Europe), The Business Games and DECA (a case study competition) which will all enable you to improve your knowledge of the business world, gain skills and network with very important people. As well as our prestigious career events, we host a number of great social events throughout the year. Join us on our annual reading week trip to Budapest or for our Anniversary Charity Ball! 

Join us to become the next Steve Jobs or CEO of the London Stock exchange!

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