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Thinking about your career trajectory?

The UCL Business Society stands as UCL's most diverse career advisory society, aimed at assisting you in carving out your future.

Venturing into the job market, internships, and networking can seem intimidating, but we offer the resources you need to break ground.

Our primary goals are:

          1) Diversify Your Career Options

          2) Facilitate Networking Encounters

          3) Boost your employability through skills training sessions and workshops.

By joining us you can expect the following:

  • Application Masterclasses - A specialised guide focusing on CV crafting, cover letter writing, and understanding the recruitment landscape
  • Industry Insight Talks - Presentations from leaders across various fields including Finance, Asset Management, Consulting, FMCG, Regulatory Services, among others
  • Corporate Networking Opportunities - Exclusive sessions featuring representatives from elite companies like Deutsche Bank, BlackRock, and Citibank
  • Talent Showcases - Participate in international competitions such as the DECA event, and display your abilities to judges from top-ranking firms
  • Skills Empowerment Workshops - Customised training that preps you for interviews, assessment centers, as well as resume and cover letter creation

Scores of individuals have already seized these opportunities and you should too!

UCL Business Society has also signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.

Stay connected using the social media links on the side, and for a more direct line of communication, join our WhatsApp group chats accessible through our Instagram page.

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