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Since 2007, we have been passionately promoting entrepreneurship and helping students create globally impactful startups. We want to help our members dream boldly about the future and employ radical creativity to solve the big problems facing our generation. ?

Our activities fall into a three-part pipeline to success.


Throughout the year, UCLe provides students frictionless access to a network of like-minded individuals and encourages them to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. To inspire students to follow the path to entrepreneurship, we have:

  • UCL Business Game: A 3-day business simulation and case study competition run as part of the Alliance of European Business Games. Participants gain exposure to various industries with challenges such as Strategic Consultancy, Go-To-Market Strategy, and Cyber-Security. Prizes include fast-track-to- interviews, office tours, and personal mentoring. Run annually as part of the Alliance of European Business Games.
  • Community: From engaging social events that unite our members, to expanding our network across a diverse range of inter-universities and society networking events, we are dedicated to building an empowered and connected entrepreneurial community.
  • Speaker Events with experts in the field of entrepreneurship such as the current COO of Google, venture capitalists, social entrepreneurs, world-renowned marketers, and other award-winning business people.


To help students develop their ideas related to entrepreneurship into viable business models, we have:

  • Bloomsbury Startup Academy: Our in-house pre-accelerator program that develops students’ ideas into workable business models and plans. We welcome anybody who with a passion for entrepreneurship and an interest in building their own business.
  • Bloomsbury Ventures: Aiming to make the world of VC and venture investing more accessible to students at UCL. We host monthly events throughout the year and bring top VCs in London to UCL for talks and workshops. Our exclusive events are for aspiring founders to understand what VCs look for in top startups as well as for aspiring VCs to understand how to break into such a competitive industry.
  • Women in Tech: A vibrant community aimed at inspiring, equipping, and empowering women in technology. We provide resources, insights, and a networking platform through a variety of events like tech talks, workshops, and mentorship programs. Our goal is to demystify diverse tech fields, foster representation, and bridge the gender gap in the industry. Join us in our shared ambition to positively shape the tech world.


To help students grow their businesses and support them, UCLE hosts several events throughout the year:

  • VC Fund: Our in-house seed capital fund helps turn students’ business models and plans into working Minimum Viable Products and provides the next step to becoming self-supported disruptors.
  • London Startup Fair: the leading entrepreneurial fair in London hosted in collaboration with LSE and Imperial Entrepreneurs.

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