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Never think it’s too late to do it all! If you didn’t manage everything you wanted to in term one or have just started, then your new start begins now!

1. Join a club or society

We’re always hearing that people think they missed their chance by not signing up to societies in their first term/year/week. Not so! You can join all year round, whichever year of study you’re in. In fact, it’s quite common - some clubs and socs even offer a six month reduced cost membership for those joining mid-way through the year. We’re having a Get Active Fair in two weeks time, which will give you a second chance to meet sports clubs and find out about their training, matches etc.

2. Relive your freshers

Whether it was just in September or you want to experience the party scene in London, join us for a night out in Egg London.

3. Bloomsbury Spotlight

There’s a huge amount of talent at UCL and term two is the time to see it. We have an amazing line up of performances from home-grown talent at our very own Bloomsbury Theatre. Grab your tickets and you can, not only support local talent but also have a pretty great time while you’re at it.

More of sports fan? The infamous London Varsity Series is just around the corner and Team UCL need you to cheer them to victory.

4. Let your hair down…

…With some non-competitive, beginner friendly activity sessions from Project Active. There’s women’s only sessions, Postgraduate sessions and mixed sessions - whatever you fancy, Project Active is for everyone, so come along and stretch out a yoga pose, play a game of touch rugby or a friendly game of 5-a-side football.

5. Do some good

Volunteering is an amazing way to experience parts of London you don’t usually see as a student. If exploring London and volunteering is something that interests you, then we have a New Year Volunteering Fair coming up, where you can meet the organisations who are keen to have your help. Or you can sign up at any time through the Volunteering Service.

6. Give it a go

The beauty of London is that there’s always something new to try, and while loads of you enjoy a regular hobby with our clubs and societies, sometimes it’s fun to try stuff without making a regular commitment. That’s where Give it a Go comes in. You can sign up to try something new any time. Maybe you’ll find a new hobby, maybe you’ll just find an anecdote for your next trip home - either way it’s all good.

7. Tell us how you really feel

There are loads of opportunities to influence stuff here, whoever you are. Even if you’ve never been involved with the Union before, if there’s something you care about, we can help you make it happen. We’re having an all student meeting, where you can either suggest changes to be made or vote on changes that other people have proposed. We also have a round of elections coming up, where you can run to be a student leader.

8. Start the day right

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you haven’t discovered the Print Room’s new breakfast menu yet, then you are not done with your time at UCL. Two words. Blueberry. Pancakes.

9. Work on your CV

It’s never too late or too soon to start doing things that will help you build employability skills. But this doesn’t need to be as boring as it sounds… Volunteering, leading a club or society, being a rep - all of these things are fun, but they’re also development opportunities that will help you stand out from the crowd when the time comes to leave UCL. We also have loads of jobs on offer through the jobshop.

10. Skill up!

Ace those group presentations, sell yourself on paper or learn how to deal with difficult situations in one of our many Skills Sessions. There’s a wealth of knowledge in these sessions, so if you want to work on skills you never knew you had, then now is the time!