Want to make life at UCL better? It all starts with an idea, no matter how big or small.

Once you submit an idea, it'll be discussed at one of three Policy Zone meetings.

Ideas can be simple one line moments of inspiration - or near-fully formed policies, it's entirely up to you. For help with writing a policy proposal, have a look at this online guide. We recommend you work through the guide before submitting a proposal for Union Policy.

If you want to see some examples of other people's ideas, check out this list of current Union Policy.

If you would like to propose an amendment to our governing documents, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss this.

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This should give a clear indication of the content of your idea eg 'Improvements to the Union's Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Policy' or 'The Union should commit to selling Fairtrade fruit.'

Please note that once you have submitted, a member of the Representation and Democracy Team will meet with you to ensure that your idea is suitable to be considered at a Policy Zone. 

To be considered at
Is your idea a policy proposal, an idea for discussion?
Select Policy Proposal if you're confident in setting out a clear proposal. If you'd like this idea to be discussed in a more open discussion please select 'Idea for discussion' .
Policy proposal
Explain your idea. What do you want the Union to do. If you've thought through the specifics of how, please note them.
Tell us why this is an issue? Please cite any evidence where possible
Please note how students will be impacted? Will it affect different groups of students in different ways? Outline this here
Has your policy proposal considered the following:
How much money will your policy proposal cost the Union or University to implement?
Have a look through the Union's sustainability hub to find out more - https://studentsunionucl.org/sustainability-hub
Have a look through our list of existing Union Policy to see if your idea is already Union Policy - https://studentsunionucl.org/policy
Inclusivity refers to ensuring that your policy proposal is considerate of all student groups at UCL.
Describe what you would like to discussed at the meeting