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It feels like we’ve been waiting for this Welcome Week to arrive forever. The past year has been challenging for a hundred different reasons and every part of UCL has had to adapt and change, including us. We’re sure you’re feeling both anxious and excited about what’s in store. Starting at UCL is life-changing, and this year is no different.

What you can expect this year

Welcome is about bringing people together, fostering friendships, helping you settle in, and introducing you to all the wonderful things UCL has to offer. With everything we’ve learnt during the past year, we’re confident all of this is possible in a safe, responsible, and most importantly, fun way.

We can’t wait to get back to doing the things we love. Getting together in-person really matters. Meeting new people, discovering new things, experiencing London. It’s what you’re here for. Everything we’ve learnt and everything students have told us over the past year has given us four clear priorities that will shape our work during the year aheadWe’ve outlined these here, so you always know where we stand.

Whilst we’ve got our fingers crossed that the new year starts as we all hope it will, we’re ready to adapt if plans change. The last year was a challenge, but when faced with uncertainty and a world that felt unimaginable a year earlier, students stood up. They built communities, created sanctuaries of support, and made the most from the challenges they faced. With everything we've been through, we’re starting the new year stronger than ever.

Our spaces and buildings

Our bars, cafes, shops and gym will be open and ready to welcome you in September. We can’t wait to see you in these spaces again, enjoying everything we have to offer. Pizza in the Institute Bar, Pints in the Huntley, Paninis in Gordon’s Cafe, or pull-ups in Bloomsbury Fitness – we’re here for it all, including things that don’t start with ‘p’.

When you arrive, we’ll help you socialise safely. We’ve spent the last year making sure our venues and spaces work in a Covid secure way, and we’ll take everything we’ve learnt into the year ahead.

Our bars, cafes, shops and gym work a little differently to the kind you might be used to. We live by four promises; we put every penny of profit back into your community, we’re always better value than the high-street, we’ll choose planet over profit every time, and we’ll be at the centre of your campus community from start to finish.

Events and activities

Events are one of the best ways to meet new people in the first few weeks. We’ll be running hundreds of different events in person and some online too. The in-person events, like club nights, the Welcome Fair and society socials, will help connect you with other new students, and our online events will help you learn about UCL and settle into your new community.

Student-life wouldn’t be the same without our incredible student-led groups - the clubssocieties and volunteering projects that bring people together to do amazing things.

They’ll be doing everything they can to help you make the most of your time here, and they can’t wait to get this year started. You’ll be able to join groups from Welcome Week onwards and you can get involved with taster events throughout the first few weeks.

Events & Activities
Undergraduate Kew Gardens Trip
Are you missing nature already? Looking to escape central London? Did you know that gardens make people happy?Kew Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has over 50,000 living plants to satisfy all of your botanical desires.It's definitely one to check off your London Bucket List... and return to again and again, whenever you need to reconnect with nature.
Clubs & Societies
European Society and friends Picnic Meetup
This is the European Society Picnic! This will be hosted by the UCL European Society and will in collaboration with several others societies, such as The Italian Society, The Bulgarian Society, The Hungarian Society, The German Society, The Welsh Society, The Irish Society, The Polish Society, The Swiss Society and many more! :) 
Clubs & Societies
Art Bingo at Tate Modern
Meet us outside the Tate Modern (with your free pre-booked Tate Modern Collection Route ticket) for an afternoon of art and games. We will have a photo challenge and art bingo to complete in teams. Those who complete / win the challenges are in store for a sweet surprise!Please remember to book your free ticket first from the Tate website!

We’ll always be here for you

We’re here to help you find ways to volunteer and give back, advise you on housing contracts or money management, represent your interests to UCL and make positive change, or help you form communities of your own. So, stay connected and make the most of UCL this September.

We’ll see you soon.