At Students’ Union UCL, you have the power. The Union is led by students like you, and you get to shape it. If you want to make a bigger, more lasting change, there are a few ways to do it.

Speak to a Sabbatical Officer 

Our Sabbatical Officer Team are students who have been elected by you to lead the Union. They make key decisions at the Union and enact the changes you want to see so your best interests are at the forefront of everything they do. Throughout the years, they’ve made a great many changes to life at UCL. They’ve made sure there are free sanitary products in all Union loos, worked to have more microwaves on campus, got fair pay for PGTA’s and recently they’ve fought to make sure UCL students aren’t disadvantaged when doing exams during COVID-19. 

We have seven Sabbatical Officers responsible for different aspects of the UCL experience. Speak to them if you’ve got anything you’d like to change and if you’ve like to become a Sabb yourself (you can even do this in your first year), make sure to apply in January. To get more info about this, or ask us any questions on this, email us at [email protected] 

Speak to a part-time Officer

Working alongside their studies, Part-Time Officers look after many things important to life at UCL including sustainability, accommodation and sports. Whilst completing their studies, Part-Time Officers also work to bring about change. This year, the officers have been pivotal in bringing together their communities to make sure people aren't lonely or forgotten about. 

Find your Academic Reps

Elected by you in October (look out for the Autumn elections when you’re here), we’ve got nearly 1,700 Academic Reps working to make your education better. From small things like making sure feedback is received on time to ensuring Postgraduate Teaching Assistants have fair pay and fair working hours; Academic Reps work to bridge the gap between students and departments/faculties.

We’ve got Hall Reps

We’ve also got students elected by residents in the respective residence. They work closely with the External Accommodation Officer to take action on student housing issues within UCL, University of London and in private accommodation. 

We’ve got Liberation Networks

To make campus a better place for minority groups such as BME, LGBT+, those with disabilities and women, we’ve got specific networks dedicated to looking out for these groups. Join the networks to be a part of these communities. 

If you want to see change related to COVID-19

There’s a lot of changes happening at this time, both globally and at UCL. We’re continually working to make sure you’re at the forefront of all the changes you want to see at UCL relating to COVID-19. If you’ve got any feedback or ideas for change, then leave it here. 

...Or you can make your own change

When you’re ready to push for change yourself, you can start your own project. We’ll support you through it all. Have a look through previous campaigns we’ve supported and if you’re interested then start your own proposal