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Here’s an idea for your dissertation topic…
Meet CRIS! We are the Community Research Initiative for Students and we’re here to get you the best experience possible with your dissertation.
What's it like being a Postgraduate student and working full-time?
Being a postgraduate student, in full-time employment is a different ball game. Sure, people do it all the time, but it definitely feels like trying to write 100 essays, keeping up with deadlines at work as well as trying to win the Nobel peace prize all at once - it is overwhelming. Here's how Anjora managed it all.
From undergrad to postgrad... What I would do differently
One of the main lessons I picked up from my undergrad was that a degree is more than the final grade you get; it is also the people you meet and the experiences you have...
A Postgraduate community at UCL?
As a Canadian transplant to London, starting my PhD meant so much more than adjusting to a new school, a new lab, and a new supervisor. Namely, I didn’t know anyone. It hasn’t always been easy, but after a few years and a lot of trial and error, I think I’ve found some strategies that work.
It’s never too late…
Any master’s student will tell you, an MSc degree can be transformative but intense. In my first term, I tried not to succumb to the enormous workload of the course by focusing all my attention on my academic work.
"Volunteering has helped me feel more at home in a foreign country!"
Nashwa Naushad is an MSc student studying Sustainable Urbanism. She's been spending her time helping at one-off events as well as ongoing placements - read her story to find out why she loves volunteering. 
"Engaging with the public is a great way to stay connected with the impact aims of your research."
Rebecca Shutt is a PhD researcher in the department of Physics and Astronomy, and has been volunteering. Have a read of her story below to see what it's like volunteering as a PhD student, why she enjoys leading scientific workshops and why she finds volunteering so rewarding.
Mastering the Master's
As a Master’s student, all you have is a year to master the subject. So, is one year good enough to master the subject in a real sense or there is more to the course than just attaining high grades?  
Top tips for distance learning postgraduates like me
University is different for us distance-learning students out there. Sometimes you can be grateful for the opportunity or the blessing of avoiding London rent prices, other times you can feel lonely and like you aren’t getting the university experience.