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What would you like the Union to do?

Encourage student leaders and Union members to lead by example and use their pronouns wherever relevant (such as but not limited to digital correspondences and in-person introductions). Include awareness of gender and pronouns in Students’ Union training for clubs and societies committee members, Welfare Officers, student Academic Representatives, and wherever else relevant. The Students’ Union to lobby UCL to instruct seminar group leaders to encourage the use of pronouns alongside names when doing group introductions or icebreakers.

Why would you like to do this?

This will reduce cases of students being misgendered, which happens a lot. When students are not addressed correctly, they're likely to feel unaccepted and/or dysphoric. This greatly affects their participation and needs to be reduced by encouraging a general pronoun culture at UCL.

How will this affect students?

It will reduce the amount that trans students get misgendered and make cis students more aware of issues not in their immediate area of concern.