We’re sorry that you want to complain about your experience, but we value all feedback and take your opinions seriously.

This page aims to help you contact the appropriate person who can support you with your complaint. Use the drop-down links below to find out where to go next.

If you would rather speak to someone directly who can help you make your complaint to the appropriate person, please contact the Union’s Advice Centre or the University's Student Support and Wellbeing.

Do you have a complaint? 

Is it about an incident of bullying, harassment, or sexual misconduct?

If your complaint is about an incident of bullying, harassment, or sexual misconduct it should be reported via the Report and Support platform. Report and Support allows you to report anonymously, or find appropriate support through an advisor. UCL will act on your report.

Is it about the Students' Union, or a service, individual or group within the Union?

A complaint about the Students' Union could cover a range of different areas, including; the service in our outlets, a policy position we have taken, a member of staff who works for the Union, an elected representative of the Union, a Union club or a society and/or their committee, a product you have purchased through the Union, as well as other areas not listed above. Once you have submitted your complaint, we'll make sure it reaches the relevant person. 

Submit an informal complaint via our Informal complaints procedure. If necessary, you can also submit a formal complaint.

Is it about UCL?

Is it about something else, or you are unsure about the next step?