Who are we ? 
The BASc Society is a departmental society affiliated with the Arts and Sciences Program. One of its kind, the BASc program offers students the opportunity to choose majority of their modules and explore what they truly want to study. Most members are BASc students but other students with a keen interest in interdisciplinary studies are welcome to join! 

What do we do ? 
We run a variety of events : 

- Fun weekly socials (e.g. pub nights, pizza evenings, valentine's night, ect) - for students to destress, relax and create a sense of community among the students in our programme who have few courses in common but many shared interests. 

- Exceptional events (balls, boat parties ect) - to celebrate ends of terms and years. 

- Academic talks and panels - especially with speakers working at the intersection of various disciplines

- Career events - networking socials with alumni and other department societies 

- Volunteering opportunities - we choose a charity every year and organise various fundraisers for them