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Welcome to the Bloomsbury Fitness User Guide

General Behaviour

• All sports club members using the facility should abide by the Bloomsbury Fitness Terms & Conditions at all times whilst on site.

• All sports club members should show respect and consideration to staff, Bloomsbury Fitness members, other facility users, and the facility itself at all times. Any member failing to abide by expected behaviour standards may be asked to leave the facility under the discretion of Bloomsbury Fitness Staff.

• Sports club members may only use the facility during their designated sports club training hours unless they are a member of Bloomsbury Fitness in their own right.

• All sports club members will be required to sign-in prior to their session at Bloomsbury Fitness reception, where membership will be checked. Access to sports club training sessions at Bloomsbury Fitness will be denied to anyone who does not have a valid club membership with the sports club or student ID. It is the responsibility of the club to inform members of this process and members should arrive in good time to assist with sign-in.

• Only registered coaches will be able to attend club training sessions. Coaches will need to sign in at Bloomsbury Fitness prior to attending any sessions.

• Appropriate, safe clothing should be worn at all times.

• No food or drink, other than water, should be brought onto the facility and consumed whilst taking part in physical activity.

• Bags, coats and personal items should not be brought onto the gym floor, studio or fitness facilities, and should be stored in lockers provided.

Allocation of Facility Space

• Sports clubs will only have exclusive use of the Mandela Studio and Multi-Purpose Room for their training session hours, which will be communicated by the Sports Administrator at the start of each term.

• Sports club sessions will only be scheduled to take place in Terms 1 and 2. Should clubs wish to train outside of this time period, sports club presidents must request sessions in advance with the Sports Administrator.

• Sports club presidents requesting sessions at the beginning of a term must use the designated processes outlined by the Sports Administrator. The Sports Administrator will allocate club training sessions in collaboration with Bloomsbury Fitness and TeamUCL Sports Development staff, and produce a club training timetable that will be published on the Sports President & Treasurer Hub.

• Sports clubs requesting additional sessions following the distribution of the club training timetable must email the Sports Administrator. These requests will only be accepted from the club President.

• Club training session attendance will be monitored by Bloomsbury Fitness Reception Staff. Should a club fail to attend a session or attendance is poor, the club may be at risk of losing their allocated session.

Use of Mandela Studio, Multi-Purpose Room, Squash Courts, and Equipment

• All sports club members using the facility should abide by the Bloomsbury Fitness Terms & Conditions at all times whilst on site.

• All sports club members must abide by health and safety protocols at all times. Club activity leaders (as defined in the annual club risk assessment) should prioritise health and safety protocols at all times when planning and delivering sessions.

• Sports club members may only be permitted to use the facility during their designated training times unless they hold a Bloomsbury Fitness membership.

• The maximum capacity of the Mandela Studio is 30. The maximum capacity of the Multi-Purpose Room is 12. Failure to adhere to these limits will put members at risk and break health and safety protocols leading to the termination of a session.

• Sports clubs should not try to begin or set up their session prior to their designated start time if this impedes another session taking place.

• Sports clubs should have completely vacated their facility by the time their designated session ends. This includes the tidying and cleaning of equipment and space.

• Sports club members should not congregate in large groups in reception or outside of their training facility.

• There is an expectation that sports clubs will show respect and consideration to the facility spaces and equipment at all times.

• Any damage to the facility or equipment must be reported to Bloomsbury Fitness Reception. Damages will be investigated by Bloomsbury Fitness staff with any consequences being decided by Bloomsbury Fitness and TeamUCL Sports Development staff.

• The facility spaces must be kept clean and tidy, and left in the same manner they were found.

• All equipment should be wiped down with anti-bacterial spray both before and after use, and returned to their original storage space following their use.

• Sports clubs intending to use mats for their training sessions should make this known to Bloomsbury Fitness Reception.

o Sports clubs should wipe down mats before and after their use with the spray mop provided.

o No outdoor shoes should be worn on the mats.

o Sports club members should ensure that their feet are clean prior to using the mats without shoes/socks.

o Sports clubs are expected to inform members of necessary hygiene protocols that protect against common mat-borne illnesses.

o Mats should be stored in designated areas that do not impede fire exit routes with the same sides of each mat touching.

Use of Bloomsbury Fitness in the High Performance Programme

• High Performance Team members using the facility should abide by the Bloomsbury Fitness Terms & Conditions at all times whilst on site.

• High Performance Team members by Health & Safety protocols at all times.

• Members of High Performance Teams may only use the facility during their allotted team Strength and Conditioning sessions, unless they are a member of Bloomsbury Fitness.

• All members of High Performance Teams must be registered with Bloomsbury Fitness Reception via the High Performance Squad spreadsheet, ratified by the TeamUCL Sports Development staff.

Reporting Incidents

• It is vital that all accidents and near misses are reported to Bloomsbury Fitness Reception and RiskNet. In all accidents, injuries or near miss cases, you must complete an Incident/Accident Report Form online via UCL RiskNet no later than 24 hours after the incident. Report an incident on UCL RiskNet.

• In the event of serious injury or a life threatening situation, on-campus emergency services must be called immediately via +44 (0)20 7679 2222 or extension 222 from a UCL landline and Bloomsbury Fitness Reception staff must be notified as well.