Over the past few weeks, we’ve listened to student leaders from our clubs and societies and heard testimony from individual students. The rise in spiking cases being reported across the UK has understandably left our student community feeling nervous, unsafe and angry.

After listening to what you wanted to see change in our venues, we've developed a number of new initiatives that will be rolled out over the coming days and weeks. We're committed to running the safest venues in London. These venues are your venues, they're here to help you make the most of your time at UCL, and we'll make sure always feel comfortable, safe and at home when you're with us.

New initiatives and changes in our venues:

Over the coming weeks, we will…

  1. Create a regular forum for feedback between students and venue staff to address emerging issues and concerns.
  2. Deliver additional training for door supervisors and ensure all door supervisors are trained in tackling sexual violence and responding to issues raised at events.
  3. Increase the number of security staff and venue supervisors on busy nights so there are always additional staff members present with a focus on student safety.
  4. Continue to request female door supervisors are scheduled to work at our venues from our security provider.
  5. Create a wellbeing space in Gordon’s Café during busy nights in Phineas. Students can use this space to take a break from the venue, find friends, and arrange a safe journey home – in a safe a secure place.
  6. Clearly communicate the process for reporting sexual harassment and assault through UCL’s Report + Support tool.
  7. Provide freely available drink lids, spiking testing kits and bottle stops in our venues.
  8. Join the Good Night Out accreditation scheme to provide a nationally recognised framework of actions to improve the safety of everyone visiting our venues.

We want to hear your feedback on what more we can do to help you feel safer in our venues. Leave your comments here.

What we currently do to make our venues safe:

  • Ask for Student ID on entry in Phineas, Mully’s and Huntley – student ID will be checked against other photo ID to ensure only students and their guests are able to visit
  • Conduct bag searches at events in our venues.
  • Serve tap water on request, rather than through communal jugs.
  • Implement the Ask for Angela scheme and regularly train student staff in processes around student safety.
  • Regularly liaise with police licencing officers on the safe running of our venues.
  • Ensure all security staff and venue managers are first aid trained.
  • Have a zero-tolerance approach to sexual misconduct, drink spiking or harassment and where necessary ban anyone responsible of this behaviour from entering any of our venues.

If you want to take positive action today:

We're here to support you.

If you have experienced sexual violence, we’re ready to help you in any way you need. Contact our advisors who will be able to help you find the right support. Our Advice Service has also compiled a comprehensive list of support services accessible to you.

You can also speak to UCL’s Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Advisor by email ([email protected]), or at a weekly drop-in service on Wednesdays - booked by email.