Student's Union UCL says full stop to sexual misconduct, bullying and harassment in any form. This is why the Union and UCL have joined forces to run the Active Bystander Programme as part of the Full Stop campaign and continue to tackle unacceptable behaviours at UCL and beyond. 

What does it mean to be an Active Bystander?

An Active Bystander aims to challenge poor behaviours, and bring about cultural alteration through the strengthening messages that define boundaries of unacceptable behaviour. Many individuals and/or groups with problematic attitudes are likely to consider their behaviour as normal if no one challenges it, and this can often be reinforced by cultural messages at UCL and the wider community. Some might not care their behaviour causes harm to others, but some might not even realise.

If we constantly reinforce messages about behaviour that is unacceptable, this puts considerable pressure on people to re-think their behaviour. So any level of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour should not be ignored. Working collectively we can bring about change and create a safe and supportive community for all - that is an Active Bystander.

Full Stop to bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct