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We’ve been busy. While a lot of you have been off for the summer holidays, we’ve been busy making some big changes…

First up, we’ve refurbished 25 Gordon Street

Over the summer we’ve renovated a lot of our spaces so come the start of term, you’ll have a lot of new spaces you can be proud of. Spaces that you can use and feel at home in. Most of our services have now moved to 25 Gordon Street, so you’ll be able to access everything under one roof.

Our Advice Service has moved from the Bloomsbury building to 25 Gordon Street 1st floor. It’s now a more private and relaxed space with more consultation rooms and space sit and feel at ease.  

Sabbatical Officers and our Volunteering Service have also moved to 25 Gordon Street. They’ll be up on the second floor if you need them. 

Including Phineas 

Everyone’s favourite bar, Phineas, has had more than a lick of paint. It’s now a bigger, better space with more seating and a better sound system. There’s plugs and comfy seats so Phineas can be used during the day as much as it can at night. 

If you’ve got any questions or want to see what we’ve already done with our spaces then have a look here

Bloomsbury Café Refurb 

So, Bloomsbury Café is actually inside the theatre building. The refurb now reflects that with seating more like you would find in a theatre, and a more well-round, cleaner looking appearance with more seating. 

New Sabbatical Officers

Meet Aatikah, Ashley, Carol, Darcy, Nilisha, Jim and Sandra. They’re your new Sabbatical Officers this year and we’re so excited to have them on board. Big things are coming. Have a look at what they’ll be up to here

New food at the Institute

New chef, new food. From now on, we’ll be serving some proper grub at the Institute - all healthy, with vegan options available. If you haven’t already, come to the IoE and grab a bite and chill in one of our nicest bars. 

Democracy, Reviewed

We’ve changed our bye-laws so things are easier to understand and it’ll be a lot easier for you to get your voice heard and bring about change. Now, if you have an idea to make life at UCL better, tell us! We’ll take your idea to the relevant zone; Welfare and Community, Activities, or Education. You can also take an idea to a zone yourself. A zone will consist of a group of students who meet regularly and all care about the same things.