Centre 404 is a local community charity in North London that offers friendly, reliable and person-centred support to people with learning disabilities, autism and their families. It was founded in 1951 by carers of children with learning disabilities and continues to work towards building a community and a society where people with learning disabilities are valued and involved members of our community. We help people gain skills to live independently, give advice and guidance to families, and hold a range of group activities, clubs and events.

Fundraising Volunteer
In this role you will support the Fundraising Officer with organising virtual and in-person events, assist with supporter campaigns and digital cha
Garden Support Volunteer
To help support our adult garden volunteers who have mild to moderate learning disabilities with various gardening tasks. No gardening skills required!
Reception and Admin Volunteer
The purpose of the Receptionist Volunteer is to assist the Central Services team in helping support administrative/receptionist tasks.
Volunteer events facilitator
In this role you will:
Dog Support Volunteer
We are recruiting volunteers with a dog to provide befriending/ buddy support to our service users with a learning disability or autism within our supported living pro
Group Activities Buddy/ Befriender Volunteer
The purpose of the Group Activities Buddy Volunteer role is to help support staff with the various activities and groups they have at Leigh Road.
Virtual Physical Activities Volunteer
To help make individuals feel less isolated by bringing people together as a group and also improving general health and well-being through physical exercise.
Adult Activities Volunteer
Adult groups at Centre 404 target confidence building, improving social interaction, increasing independence, and building relationships.
Children and Young People (CYP) Group Activities Volunteer
To help children and young people with learning disabilities and/ or autism to build more independence and confidence in their lives, as well as helping reduce social
Friday Night Social Support Volunteer
The purpose of this role will be to involve attendees and to encourage everyone to participate in the event.
Swimming Support Volunteer
Swimming on Saturday is a fun and accessible activity for children with learning disabilities and autism, and provides respite for family carers.
Travel Buddy Volunteer
Some of the young people attending our after school clubs and holiday playschemes are working to gain more independence as they grow older.