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What would you like the Union to do?

Wherever ethically, technically, logistically possible and avoiding risk, the Union should directly employ and insource members of staff. This will ensure that staff are paid fairly and treated ethically at work. Where it is not possible to insource functions for technical or operational reasons, members of staff should always be paid the London Living Wage for the work that they do and the Union should make efforts to work closely with the outsourced providers to ensure staff are treated fairly and respectfully. The Union should also continue to lobby UCL to support fair pay and working conditions for all staff at UCL.

Why would you like to do this?

As it stands, the Union directly employs all its staff with the exception of Security and Cleaning which are outsourced. However, there is no formal policy to ensure this remains the case in the future. The Union ought to adopt a policy where all members of staff are insourced where possible and consistently review its feasibility to ensure as many functions as possible are insourced. It should also push for increased insourcing across UCL. It is not currently possible for the Union to insource cleaning and security staff for legal and operational issues. However, when contracts end, reviews should be undertaken to assess whether insourcing is feasible for the future. For any outsourced staff, regular meetings should be held with the organisations to ensure staff are well supported, fairly paid and there are measures in places to protect their wellbeing.

How will this affect students?

This decision will not majorly affect students, however it is important that we debate and discuss key issues which affect the employment of staff members within our Union