What would you like the Union to do?

Since the registration process started, we have been asked several times to identify our ethnicity. There are several options, and categories inside the options. However there is not one that identifies the Latin american community.
Initially I thought it could be because we where a small community. However I have learned this is not even close to the truth, when we have Colombian Society, and Hispanic Society in Campus. This means that this ample group of people have to select 'other', making the students feel left out. Even so, whatever this data is being collected for is not quantifing a relevant group.
Not having this option, not only disregards a large community. Students not being able to identify as 'Latino', 'south and central america', or anything slightly related. It also disregards the plurality of the latino community. We could also be Afro Latino, Indigenous latino, white latino, mixed latino.

Why would you like to do this?

Action proposed:
The latino community should be included as an ethnic group, in any type of category naming in which we can all be identified. Acknowlinging our diversity

How will this affect students?

Latin american students will not only feel acknowledged by the university as a relevant ethnic group, they will also know they belong in the community. As we will not feel like the 'other' group, but recognized as the relevant community with vast diversity which we are.
Other non-latino students will recognize our ethnic group, and its diversity. Just like we learned all the option of white, asian, black, as so on that there are.