What would you like the Union to do?

To offer additional support to departmental societies in line with current rules and regulations.

Why would you like to do this?

As departmental research student societies, we sustain ourselves and we are not open to all members of UCL so unfortunately, we won’t be able to affiliate with the union under the current rules.  In my experience, it is especially research students that organise in departmental groups so the union is missing out on connecting with a crucial group.

As research student societies, we are looking to build our profile and reputation. Getting endorsed by the Union might also help us to facilitate more activities for research students.

How will this affect students?

Benefits for students and research student societies:

    - Endorsement by the Union

    - Voting rights in elections (most research students are only member of their respective PhD society)

    - More events and engagement with others across the university

Benefits for the Union:

    - New way to reach research students

    - Better reach across all departments