In this page you will find resources and guidance to help you manage your project day to day, and other information that might be useful for the running of your project, like how to run events and best practice tips!

You can also use this checklist to keep track of the steps you need to follow throughout your project.

How do I...

  • Book a room? Find guidance on Booking a room for meetings or events.
  • Book and external speaker? Find guidance here... make sure to seek approval before you publicise!
  • Claim expenses? Read our Claiming expenses guidance carefully. You can always emails us at [email protected] if you have any questions.
  • Work with partner organisations? Have a look at our Tips for working with partner organisations!
  • Have productive meetings? Check out our Tips for good meetings, including how to set agendas, keep people engaged, easy minutes write-up, and more!
  • Manage my project's equipment? Find guidance here.
  • Print or photocopy? We can print small quantities of documents for you via the Volunteering Service printer. Please email documents to [email protected] at least 1 week before it is needed. For runs over 100 copies or for sizes larger than A4 – for example posters or flyers for an event – the Volunteering Service can advise on the use of the Students’ Union UCL printing facilities. If your project is likely to need more than £50 of printing in a year, you will need to include this in your budget.

Monitoring your Project

We highly advise you to record volunteering hours and to write up all the activity you completed each month.

Keeping everyone safe

These are some important things you need to take into account while delivering your project.

  • Make sure you understand confidentiality and your role and responsibilities.
  • Obtain photo permission from the people you will be volunteering with, this way you can safely record your volunteering activities.
  • Make sure you follow the provision of food guidelines if you are offering food at any of your events or volunteering sessions.
  • Make sure you follow our social media guidelines if you are using social media or independent webpages for your project.

What if something goes wrong?

If an incident has occurred, do not worry or panic! Please make sure you speak to your project supervisor, fill in a UCL Incident Form, and follow the Accident and Emergency Procedure.