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Every year over a thousand students submit nominations for hundreds of staff in our Student Choice Awards. And every year, we can only pick nine winners!

There is no surefire way to write a winning nomination, but if you’d really like a particular member of staff to do well in these awards, there’s a few things you should make sure to do to maximise their chances.

  1. Pay attention to the criteria - Every year our judges pay close attention to the award criteria when making their decisions. You should make sure to read the criteria for each award. A member of staff might meet all the criteria, or might just very strongly meet only one criterion - but make sure you link what you’re writing to these, and your chances will increase.
  2. Add detail - The longest nominations aren’t always the best, but very short nominations often lack the detail the judging panel needs. You should aim to write at least 100 words, possibly more, and say as much as you can about what effect the member of staff has had on you and others.
  3. Numbers aren’t everything - Sometimes the judging panel is swayed by lots of quite short nominations, but only when they also have some lengthy and detailed nominations which carefully outline how the member of staff meets the criteria. The quality of the nomination is usually the most important consideration - the number of nominations a member of staff receives is normally only considered if it is a close call between two nominees.
  4. Think carefully about the category - It can sometimes be challenging for the panel to assess entries which are a better fit for a different category. You can absolutely nominate a member of staff under more than one category if more than one is appropriate, but again, make sure you’re paying attention to the criteria for each category and adjusting your nomination accordingly. 

Ready to nominate someone? You can quickly and easily do this online until Friday 22 March.