In the majority of cases your club of society must order things in advance. However, there are some exceptions, e.g. buying small stationery items, impromptu purchases at a shop, when this will not be possible. Therefore we have a procedure, outlined below, to allow you to spend your own money and then reclaim it from your club or society account.
Please note that there is a separate procedure for sports travel reclaims – please see the guide on How to Reclaim Match Travel Expenses

Remember - students must not transfer or accept any form of funding relating to your club or society to your personal bank account (e.g. accepting ticket sales or other income).

Step 1

Before you spend any of your own money, please make sure that you have read the guides on How to draw up a Budget for an Event. Check whether you need to gain approval for your expenditure, or whether you could use an Purchase Request Form instead. Do not spend more than £350 of your own money on clubs or society purchases without getting this approved first.

Step 2

The President or Treasurer reclaiming the money should attach their itemised receipts to the Payment Request Form and make sure that they include the bank account details and contact email address of the payee on the form. The person reclaiming the money and the payee cannot be the same person.

Step 3

Payment will be made directly to the member’s bank account. We aim to process forms within a week, but this may take longer. For example, small sums usually get paid faster than larger sums. To ensure rapid payment, make sure that all details have been completed correctly.  

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