When do I use this form?

This form should only be submitted by presidents or treasurers. You will need to submit this form if a member of your club or society has purchased a product or service for your club/society, and requires reimbursement.

Club and society members should spend no more than £350.00 on products/services from their personal account. If you have an item or service which costs over £350.00, please submit a Purchase Request Form instead. We will then be able to make this payment for you, so you do not need to make large payments from your personal account.

What should I attach?

Please provide all receipts related to the product or service you are seeking reimbursement for. Receipts should be itemised and indicate proof of purchase. Requests without proof of purchase cannot be approved.

For payments made to referees, please attach an email confirmation from the referee containing the following details: Game venue, date of game, team names, umpire name and email, the amount received and payee name. This confirmation will act as a substitute to a receipt. 

What happens after I have submitted it?

We aim to process requests within 10 working days of the submission. Please note this could be delayed if the submission does not meet our criteria and guidelines.