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Warning message

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You will need to submit this form if you would like the Union to make a purchase on behalf of your club or society, using your Grant or Non-Grant account. 

Please submit this form a minimum of 10 working days before payment is due. For purchases over £1000, please submit your request as far in advance as possible. 

If you are making a purchase costing £200 or more, your request will only be processed after it has been approved by the Union Finance Panel

If you are making a purchase for £200 or less, you can make the payment yourself and get reimbursed using a payment request form

Please do not use this form to pay coaches or instructors for sports clubs. If you need to pay a coach or instructor for a sports club, take a look at our ‘How to Guide’ for guidance. 

If you have a contract (such as a venue hire contract), please do not sign it yourself, otherwise you will be personally liable! You can submit contracts to be signed by the Students’ Union by emailing

This form can be used to pay for:

  • Goods or services for your club or society
  • Online purchases for your club or society
  • Payments that require a purchase order number (PO number)
  • Paying for venue hire fees
  • Paying sports coaches
  • Equipment
  • Kit 

Delivery during Covid

Due to the current situation, we request that any purchase submissions whereby products need to be delivered will need to include a Covid secure plan in place for the delivery and distribution; we cannot approve any requests until this has been provided.