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Rep Election 2018: Vote Now

Hall Representatives are elected to represent the views of students living in residences to UCL. Hall Representatives liaise with UCL Residences and act as the voice of students in residences, ensuring they take their needs into account. Representatives will strive to ensure a better experience in their residence.

Results are now available: Thank you to over 650 students who voted in this round of elections. Please note full result breakdowns will be available on 11 October. 

Interested in becoming a Hall Rep:

Why become a Hall Rep? 
You’ll get to help represent students you live with and make your hall a better place. Plus, Hall Reps receive a £2,000 rent reduction in return for carrying out their role. 

To see a role description for each position and to submit your nomination, please click here

Voting is now open for: 
Campbell House East and West 
James Lighthill 
(see below for nominations link)

What happens after I submit a nomination? 

  • If you submit your nomination you’ll be asked to attend a Candidates’ Briefing & Declaration of Nomination on 15 October 
  • You can begin campaigning after this and and People in the residences will be able to vote from 17-24 October
  • If you’re successful you’ll be invited to a mandatory training session 

Campbell House East and West

Name: Re-Open Nominations

Submit your nomination now. 

Endsleigh Gardens/John Adams Hall

Name: Mohammed Khalil

Detailed Results

Goldsmid House

Name:  Peter Crabtree

Detailed Results


Name: Xianting Weng

Detailed Results

Ifor Evans Hall/Max Rayne House/Ann Stephenson and Neil Sharp Houses

Name: Naifang Tian

Detailed Results

James Lighthill House

Name: Re-Open Nominations

Detailed Results

Submit your nomination now. 

John Dodgson House

Name:  Freya Proudman

Detailed Results

Langton Close / Frances Gardner House

Name: Zhan Soo

Detailed Results

New Hall (Caledonian Road)

Name:  Yiling He

Detailed Results

Ramsay Hall/Ian Baker House

Name: Abir Bhushan

Detailed Results

Prankerd and Schafer House 

Name: Vacant 

Nominations are closed. Voting will open on 17/10

Arthur Tattersall House / John Tovell House

Name: Nudhara Yusuf

Detailed Results

Bernard Johnson House

Name: Tania Acevedo

Detailed Results