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Welcome to UCL Ultimate Frisbee Club! Founded in 1997, we cater for players of all abilities, whether you've been playing for 5 years or have never picked up a frisbee in your life. You don't need a lot to play, just a light and a dark-coloured top and some good shoes to run in. If you've never heard of us before, get the free membership, come along to one of our sessions and just give it a go! 


What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a great sport to pick up if you are looking to continue sports in university but want to try something new. It's a fast growing team sport that is sort of a mix between netball and rugby, only with a frisbee (aka disc). You can't move when you have the frisbee, you can only hold it for a certain amount of time, and you score by catching it in the opposing end zone. Games can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes depending on the score cap.

Also, we're one of the only competitive sports that are self-officiating - but the games are no less competitive for it. Spirit of the Game is a really useful way to keep games fun and fair, so that everyone has the best time possible.

Are there opportunities to compete?

For those interested in playing for the competitive teams (Men's, Women's, and Mixed), the UCL Silverbacks regularly place well in all divisions in BUCS, both indoor and outdoor. We have strong links with many former players who have often gone on to play with both local and international clubs.

For the more socially-minded, we'll be attending beginner-specific tournaments throughout October and November to give new players the opportunity to try out Ultimate in a friendly, but competitive, environment, and we have league matches in London Universities Sports League (LUSL) spread out across the year to give all our members a chance to play. 

Here are some of our tournament placings from previous years:

2018/19 achievements include: Mixed Outdoor Nationals 1st Place, Mixed Indoor Nationals 2nd Place, Men's Indoor Nationals 2nd Place, Men's and Women's Outdoor Nationals Top 8 (both teams).

2019/20 achievements include: Women’s Indoor Nationals 3rd Place, Men's Indoor Nationals 4th Place, Women's Outdoor Nationals (cancelled) seeded 1st.

2021/22 achievements include: Women's Outdoor Nationals 1st Place, Women’s Indoor Nationals 2nd Place, Mixed Indoor Nationals 6th Place, Men's Indoor Nationals 8th Place.

2023/24 achievements include: Women's and Men's Outdoor Nationals 3rd Place (both teams), Women's Indoor Nationals 4th Place, Men's Indoor Nationals 8th Place.

What's in store for the year?

For the most up to date information, be sure to join our Facebook group and follow our Instagram to stay updated with our training schedule and any socials we're holding. We do also have a WhatsApp group chat and the invite link for that will be sent out to members later on. We usually hold big socials around Christmas and Chinese New Year, as well as meeting up with our counterparts at other London universities! We also have a Discord server; come and hangout!

We also provide regular volunteering opportunities. Stay tuned by joining our Facebook group (it really is the best way to know what's going on with us).

In order to get involved, you need membership. The free Taster membership will allow you to take part in any of our tasters, but you'll need to upgrade to one of our paid membership levels to stay with us beyond that.

  • The Social membership allows you to attend our beginner-friendly social sessions throughout the year, as well as take part in any beginner-focused tournaments we join. We recommend this for players who just want to enjoy the game and have a fun time!
  • The Training and Development membership gives you access to our intermediate training sessions (which have more structured coaching) for players who want to level up their skills and are interested in playing ultimate competitively.
  • The Competitive membership is for players who have been invited to competitive training and will represent UCL at Regional and National level tournaments.
  • The Visiting / Associate (One Term) membership is for (as the name suggests) visiting or associate students who are only at UCL for one term. This membership allows players to come to trainings (both social and competitive trainings, depending on their level). To be clear, students who are at UCL for the full year, including visiting / associate students, are not allowed to purchase this membership and have to get one of the other 3 instead.

If you're not sure which membership to purchase, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of the committee members and they'll help you out. For our affiliate friends who are here for a term, you are also allowed to train with us and play some unofficial tournaments. 

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